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StemCellLife LLC

StemCellLife LLC is a leader in novel peptide based pure synthetic substrates for supporting the culture and growth of human stem cells and primary stem cells. StemCellLife manufactures 2D coating products and 3D culture products to support the attachment and growth of multiple stem cells, such as human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), human induced pluripotent stem cells (h-iPSCs), human neural stem cells (hNSCs), human epithelial stem cells, and many others. StemCellLife also developed products to support the 2D and 3D growth of primary human cells, such as human neurons, human oligodendrocytes,  human endothelial cells, human epithelial cells, and so on.   

Our product series provide xeno-free (animal-) and human-material-free scientific tools for both novel fundamental research discoveries, and applied and clinical studies to avoid any possible immune response and batch-to-batch variability.

StemCellLife LLC is homed at the Virginia Biotechnology research park in Richmond Virginia.

StemCellLife LLC is located at  Virginia BioTechnology Research Park
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